How we use your data

It’s important that you know who has applied to access the data held within the UK LLC Trusted Research Environment.

We produce a Data Use Register which is updated monthly. The register contains the information listed below. The exception to this is any application which has been declined. Should this occur, the Data Use Register will indicate the Application ID, Organisation and Application Status only.

APPLICATION ID This number is unique to each application we receive
PROJECT TITLE This is a short sentence that describes the research question
LEAD APPLICANT This is the name of the researcher making the application to access data
ORGANISATION(S) This is who the researcher is employed by. Where more than one organisation is listed, this indicates a multi-organisational collaboration
APPROVAL DATE This is the date when the application was approved
APPLICATION STATUS This confirms whether the application was approved or declined
The following additional information that forms part of our Data Use Register is provided by clicking on the Application ID.
Lay Summary This is information about the aims, purpose and proposed benefits to the public if able to answer the research question
Datasets Requested This is a list of the studies that the researcher has requested data from. Not all research questions will require access to all datasets. The UK LLC team only provides the minimum amount of data necessary to carry out the research.
Results & Impact This is where we will include details of the results and impact of the research project are known. This may not be for some time. You will be able to view publications on our Publications page