Our services

We provide the following services. They are all currently provided free of charge.

Key performance metrics, including time to process applications and time to provision data will be provided in due course.


Access to datasets from more than 20 UK longitudinal population studies (LPS) linked with health and non-health data:

Access to a secure, remotely accessible Trusted Research Environment (TRE)

UK LLC’s TRE contains more than 280,000 records from LPS across the four nations.

Contributing LPS include some of the earliest established, with decades of self-reported and clinical data.

All LPS have pre-pandemic and COVID-19 data.

Users have the option to select groupings of LPS data linked with health data and non-health data.

Data are refreshed periodically.

Set up scripts are provided, including Python, R and Stata. Others may be available on request.

Find out who can apply to access the data

Find out how to apply to access the data

For more detailed information, read the Apply and Access Frequently Asked Questions

Researcher Support

UK LLC’s Applications Team and Data Team provide support and guidance for researchers:

Researchers have access to a dedicated SharePoint channel. Here they can access the application paperwork and guidance on how to complete it.

Researchers may request support from the Applications Team throughout the application process.

Researchers can access video ‘How-to-Guides’ on how to work within the TRE, including how to set up a project workspace using their tools of choice.

Researchers active in the TRE may request support from the Data Team and are invited to join UK LLC’s Data Users Google Group and attend monthly User Group online meetings.

Contact the Applications Team – access@ukllc.ac.uk