Data Use Register

Our Data Use Register provides information on every application we receive to access data held within the UK LLC Trusted Research Environment. This register is updated monthly.

Click on application ID for more information, including datasets requested, lay summary and results and impact.

Application ID Project Title Lead Applicant Organisation Name Approval Date Application Status
llc_0012 Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on access to NHS care in the UK: An analysis of linked Understanding Society and NHS electronic records data Michaela Benzeval University of Essex 08/04/2022 Approved
llc_0009 Understanding the impacts of healthcare disruption on health Mark Green University of Glasgow 06/01/2022 Approved
llc_0008 Risk factors and prediction models for long COVID: analysis of longitudinal cohort studies with linked NHS data Yinghui Wei University of Plymouth 06/01/2022 Approved
llc_0007 Multi-Longitudinal Cohort Study into occupational factors and COVID Risk as part of PROTECT National Core Study Matthew Gittins University of Manchester, Thomas Ashton Institute (academic) 28/10/2021 Approved
llc_0006 Comparing the burden of long COVID in the community as measured by self-report and electronic health records: a study by the CONVALESCENCE consortium Dylan Williams University College London (UCL) 28/10/2021 Approved
llc_0005 Are immune-mediated diseases risk factors for long COVID? Dylan Williams University College London (UCL) 28/10/2021 Approved
llc_0004 Examining the serological response to SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination across the National Core Studies Olivia Hamilton University of Glasgow 28/10/2021 Approved
llc_0003 The mental health and wellbeing consequences of contracting COVID19. Richard Shaw University of Glasgow 26/11/2021 Approved
llc_0002 Methodological enhancement and documentary analysis of the UK LLC Andy Boyd University of Bristol 29/11/2021 Approved
llc_0001 UK LLC Harmonised Core Socio-demographic Measures Dataset Dara O’Neill University College London (UCL) 11/11/2021 Approved