Partner Studies

Many of the UK’s established longitudinal population studies are partner studies in the UK LLC. Each study retains control of the data they have gathered from their study participants and continue to make the decisions around how their participants data is used and which research projects are given access.

The following longitudinal population studies, biobanks/bioresources are part of the UK Longitudinal Linkage Collaboration. Click on each study to open a new window taking you to their website and learn about their aims and purpose.

Airwave Study Tissue Bank

Airwave Study Tissue Bank

Airwave Health Monitoring Study Tissue Bank

The Airwave Tissue Bank is an epidemiological study of police officers and staff in Britain. It was established in 2004 to investigate possible long-term health effects associated with use of TETRA, the personal radio system used by the police service. The cohort now supports broader research into common diseases affecting this well-defined occupational group.