For Researchers

A national research resource for linked longitudinal study data and health records, the UK LLC is part of the COVID-19 Longitudinal Health and Wellbeing National Core Study.

The UK LLC has brought together de-personalised study data from the UK’s well-established Longitudinal Population Studies (LPS) and linked it with NHS COVID-19 data related to infections, testing, vaccinations, as well as wider health implications including mental health and wellbeing. These data are held in a Trusted Research Environment (TRE) – the Secure e-Research Platform (SeRP UK) at Swansea University. 

Work is underway to add environmental exposure data to the resource. In future administrative data may be added, for example, education data and occupation data. Please check this page for progress updates. 

This resource has been built to permit safe access to the TRE to large numbers of UK based researchers so they can conduct COVID-19 research investigations using data from multiple LPS, the NHS, other research studies and newly commissioned data..

Make an enquiry via the UK LLC portal on the HDR UK Innovation Gateway.