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Data Access Register - full project summary

Application ID LLC_0025
Project Title Using metabolomics to better understand COVID-19 symptoms
Lead Applicant Francisco Perez-Reche
Organisation(s) Name(s) University of Aberdeen
Approval Date 27/07/2022
Application Status Approved
Lay Summary

The effects of COVID depend on each patient and range from no symptoms to fatal cases. COVID complications are more common in older patients or those with health conditions, however, not all will be badly affected by the virus. COVID can be severe for some healthy middle-aged individuals. This suggests the severity of COVID on an individual cannot be fully determined by their age or previous conditions. There must be some biological differences between individuals that determine if someone will have severe COVID symptoms. This project will investigate such differences by looking at detailed blood tests.

Metabolomics data gives information on more than 150 blood markers. This information will be used to see if there are differences between patients with severe symptoms and those that were mostly fine. NHS healthcare information and study questionnaires are needed to know if patients had COVID, what their symptoms were and for how long they lasted.


The findings will allow us to better identify individuals that could be at risk of severe COVID. This will then help put measures in place to protect them against the virus. This is beneficial for the entire population since we are all at risk of catching Coronavirus.

Datasets Requested

Study Data

  • Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC)
  • Born in Bradford
  • National Survey of Health and Development Cohort /1946 Cohort (NSHD46)

Linked Data Requested

  • NHS Digital Civil Registrations – Deaths
  • NHS Digital Hospital Episode Statistics Admitted Patient Care
  • NHS Digital Hospital Episode Statistics Admitted Patient Care (Augmented/critical care period)
  • NHS Digital Hospital Episode Statistics Critical Care
  • NHS Digital GDPPR Data for Pandemic Planning and Research (COVID-19)
  • NHS Digital COVID-19 Vaccination Status
  • NHS Digital COVID-19 SARI-WATCH (formerly chess)
  • NHS Digital COVID-19 Second Generation Surveillance System (Pillar 1 & Pillar 2)
  • NHS Digital NPex (Pillar 2)
  • NHS Digital COVID-19 UK Non-hospital Antibody Testing Results (Pillar 3)
Results & Impact