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Data Access Register - full project summary

Application ID LLC_0007
Project Title Multi-Longitudinal Cohort Study into occupational factors and COVID Risk as part of PROTECT National Core Study
Lead Applicant Matthew Gittins
Organisation(s) Name(s) University of Manchester, Thomas Ashton Institute
Approval Date 28/10/2021
Application Status Approved
Lay Summary

Cases of COVID-19 have been high within the UK. This may be due to differences in the types of jobs people do or the places where they work. We want to find out why occupation is important to infection from COVID-19.

Using data collected during the pandemic from study participants from Understanding Society, the Millennium Cohort Study and Next Steps we will be able to:

  • compare the jobs people have worked in during COVID-19 infection
  • compare where people have worked during COVID-19 infection
  • compare jobs where people have worked from home or not for COVID-19 infection
  • compare jobs where people have worked with people or not for COVID-19 infection

We will do this whilst dealing with differences in age, gender, and ethnicity. We will compare the jobs and the job roles for each survey, then try to combine the results across the surveys.

The findings of this study will be combined with other similar studies. These results will help provide a better understanding of job roles and COVID-19 infection. They will help us identify how to reduce COVID cases at work. We hope they will inform and improve our response to the current and any future pandemic.

Datasets Requested

Study Data

  • Southall and Brent Revisited Study (SABRE) (non-linked data only)
  • English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA)
  • 1958 National Child Development Study (1958 NCDS)
  • British Cohort Study 1970 (BCS 70)
  • Millennium Cohort Study (MCS)
  • Genetic Links to Anxiety and Depression (GLAD) Study
  • Twins UK
  • Generation Scotland
  • Track-COVID
  • NIHR BioResource COPING
  • Extended Cohort for E-Health, Environment & DNA (EXCEED)
  • Northern Ireland Cohort for the Longitudinal Study of Ageing (NICOLA)
  • Born in Bradford

Linked Data

  • Covid-19 Vaccination Status
  • NPEX (Pillar 2)
  • GPES Data for Pandemic Planning and Research (COVID-19)
  • Demographics
  • Covid-19 SARI-WATCH (formally CHESS)
  • COVID-19 Second Generation Surveillance System (Pillar 1 and Pillar 2)
  • Covid-19 UK Non-hospital Antibody Testing Results (Pillar 3)
  • Civil Registration – Deaths (England & Wales)
Results & Impact