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Data Access Register - full project summary

Application ID llc_0001
Project Title UK LLC Harmonised Core Socio-demographic Measures Dataset
Lead Applicant Dara O’Neill
Organisation(s) Name(s) University College London (UCL)
Approval Date 2021-11-11
Application Status Approved
Lay Summary

Longitudinal research studies, where aspects of people and their lives are logged over time, often record similar information in different ways. This can make it difficult for researchers to use data from more than one study for a research project. This is because they can’t compare the data across studies unless the way in which the data is captured is sufficiently similar.

Our project aims to make changes where needed and where possible to the study data that will allow researchers to combine and use data from different studies. We will only do this where there is an understanding that this change won’t affect the underlying meaning of the data itself. We will focus on measures of demographic and social factors such as age, sex and education. This is because these measures are widely used by researchers, and the output of this work will help them in their scientific investigations.

Datasets Requested
  • National Survey of Health and Development (NSHD, 1946 British Birth Cohort Study)
  • Southall and Brent Revisited Study (SABRE) (non-linked data only)
  • English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA)
  • 1958 National Child Development Study (1958 NCDS)
  • British Cohort Study 1070 (BCS 70)
  • Next Steps
  • Millennium Cohort Study (MCS)
  • Genetic Links to Anxiety and Depression (GLAD) Study
  • Twins UK
  • Track-COVID
  • NIHR BioResource
  • Extended Cohort for E-Health, Environment & DNA (EXCEED)
  • Understanding Society
  • Northern Ireland Cohort for the Longitudinal Study of Ageing (NICOLA)
  • Born in Bradford
  • Generation Scotland
Results & Impact